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Our industry-leading sustainable hoardings include
re-usable 100% recycled plastic panels.

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Kwik-Klik specialises in recycled, re-usable and low carbon hoarding systems and components.

Using our comprehensive range of lightweight, modular, recycled hoarding panels, timber-substitute products and re-usable fixings will reduce your company's carbon footprint and generate substantial whole life cost savings.

Kwik-Klik panels are a viable, cost-effective alternative to timber, steel and virgin plastic hoardings. We have been using 100% recycled PVC panels successfully in supermarkets, retailers, airports, railway stations and major construction sites for over five years.

Our team is constantly updating the specification and the UK and worldwide sourcing of our recycled products to embrace new developments and innovations in the manufacturing process. Our Perpetua internal hoarding system was launched in June 2012 and is made entirely from recycled plastic manufactured in the UK.

Our goal is to offer products and systems that achieve demonstrable reductions in carbon emissions during the life of a project. They will yield substantial long term cost savings when compared to traditional timber and paint internal and external hoardings.

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