Kwik-Klik Perpetua

Kwik-Klik Perpetua panels are made in Britain from 100% recycled PVC. They are 100% recyclable after years of use. They will reduce the carbon footprint of internal projects.

Kwik-Klik Perpetua

Perpetua is the ultimate recycled panel for indoor use. It is British made from 100% recycled PVC and the panels are 100% recyclable after years of use.

It is part of a continuous recycling loop which will reduce Britain’s carbon footprint. It will boost project BREEAM ratings and improve Construction Waste Diverted from Landfill targets.

Standard hollow form panels click together to form a robust and stable indoor hoarding with a clean appearance and a smooth finish.

Standard panels are 2.5m high and 35mm deep. The versatile system can adapt to non-standard corners, fit around joists, create recesses and create temporary channels for cabling.

When you use Kwik-Klik Perpetua, you will substantially reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on quality.

  • 100% RECYCLED PVC PANELS - made in Britain
  • RE-LOCATABLE - can be re-located easily on-site, ideal for phased projects
  • RE-USABLE - easy to dismantle and transport in flat stacks to different sites
  • STABLE AND SAFE - a range of fixings make the hoarding stable and safe
  • ATTRACTIVE FINISH - presents a professional image to customers/ general public
  • FLEXIBLE MODULAR SYSTEM - any linear length, perfect corners, built-in security doors, optional vision panels (windows).
  • ROBUST - high impact resistance, damage-free yet light to handle
  • FOOD SAFE - wipe-clean smooth surfaces help you maintain hygiene standards
  • BUY OR LEASE OPTION - why buy if your need is temporary?
  • LOW CARBON SOLUTION - no waste sent to landfill, improved BREEAM scores.

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