Kwik-Klik Duraspan

Kwik-Klik Duraspan is a tough and robust panel that has a smooth and attractive finish. Ideal for high-traffic areas where hygiene is important.

Kwik-Klik Duraspan

Kwik-Klik Duraspan uses sturdy, interlocking PVC panels that are 35mm deep and 0.5 metres wide and up to 4 metres high to achieve a perfectly smooth finish which features a vertical pencil line pattern.

Duraspan can be configured and cut as needed to accommodate joists, pipework and electrics and the new anti-topple bayonet-fixing maximises the usable space on both sides of the hoarding.

The system is robust enough to perform in the toughest environments (airport car parks, trade entrances etc.) and yet it provides an attractive wipe-clean finish that is suitable for hospitals, supermarkets and shopping centres – where hygiene and appearance are very important.

Duraspan panels are made of 100% recycled PVC and are re-usable and re-locatable on site. As well as increasing site safety and efficiency, these panels will also reduce the carbon footprint of your project.

The tough outer skin ensures these panels with stand up to the harshest conditions - whether positioned outdoors, or inside. The panels are strong, yet they are still relatively light to work with compared to cumbersome timber panels.

The photographs above show Duraspan installations at Cribbs Causeway shopping centre in Bristol, Bradford Royal Infirmary and Morrisons in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. It has also been used extensively in Morrisons stores nationwide.

  • RAPID INSTALLATION - overnight if required
  • SELF-SUPPORTING - freestanding - no dust from drilling into the floor
  • TOTALLY STABLE AND SAFE- thanks to our professional fixing systems
  • RE-LOCATABLE - can be re-sited in the store, ideal if the refurb is in stages
  • DOUBLE-SIDED – present a clean face on both sides
  • RE-USABLE - no damage means you can use again and again
  • ATTRACTIVE AND CLEAN - preserves the store's identity and appearance
  • FLEXIBLE MODULAR SYSTEM - perfect corners, integral doors, recesses, we can even incorporate windows.
  • ROBUST - high impact resistance, damage-free yet light to handle
  • FOOD SAFE - wipe-clean smooth surfaces maintain hygiene standards
  • 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC – cut the carbon footprint of your project
  • BUY OR LEASE OPTION - why buy if your need is temporary?
  • SAFETY COMPLIANT - we supply full risk assessment method statements

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