Kwik-Klik Complete

Kwik-Klik Complete is the pioneering modular system for fast fit temporary screening. It offers revolutionary advances in terms of flexibility, hygiene, appearance, speed and cost.

Kwik-Klik Complete

Kwik-Klik Complete is our original best-selling hoarding system and it has been refined and upgraded over time to become a reliable all-rounder for both internal and external projects.

Complete is our pioneering modular system for fast fit temporary screening. The interlinking panels offer flexible configuration, a safe and sturdy hoarding and a smooth and attractive customer-facing facade on which graphics can be printed or vinyls attached.

Standard panels are 2.4m high and 250mm wide. The hoarding can go round corners and can incorporate recesses to fit around the main features and landscape of the site. The system is mainly used indoors, but is also proven in outdoor environments.

Complete panels are made from 100% recycled PVC. This follows extensive refinement of the manufacturing process to retain the strength and integrity of the panels while using recycled plastic.

Complete panels attach to each other quickly and securely. They are easy to fit and very light to handle compared to plywood or steel hoardings.

  • RAPID INSTALLATION - the interlinking panels are easy to assemble
  • STABLE & SAFE - self-supporting with strong fabricated steel supports
  • RE-LOCATABLE - can be re-sited quickly, ideal for phased projects
  • RE-USABLE - no damage means you can use again and cut costs
  • ATTRACTIVE FINISH - smooth surface maintains a professional brand identity
  • HYGIENIC - wipe clean panels are ideal for food areas/restaurants/hospitals
  • FLEXIBLE MODULAR SYSTEM - any length, perfect corners, integral doors, recesses, we can also incorporate windows.
  • ROBUST - high impact resistance, yet light to handle
  • COLOUR OPTIONS - we can match your corporate colours
  • BUY OR LEASE OPTION - why buy if your need is temporary?
  • SAFETY - we supply full risk assessment method statements
  • 100% RECYCLABLE - panels can be 100% recycled at the end of their usable life
  • COST-EFFECTIVE - several re-uses lower lifetime costs
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT - lightweight panels fit into a van or pick-up truck, reducing environmental damage.

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