Kwik-Klik Compact

Kwik-Klik Compact is a stable, low-rise modular hoarding that is easy to install and re-locate. It is a versatile and lightweight system made from 100% recycled PVC.

Kwik-Klik Compact

Kwik-Klik Compact is the low rise version of our Complete system. It has been developed to cover aisle-length freezers in supermarkets and is also suitable for offices, or for outdoor car parks to create temporary barriers around a work site.

Standard panels are 1.2m high and 2.5m wide. The benefits of our Compact system are almost identical to those of our Complete system.

  • IDEAL FOR FREEZERS - the perfect way to mask off waist high supermarket freezer units during servicing or re-installation
  • SUITABLE FOR OFFICES/CAR PARKS - creating safe walkways around work areas
  • MAINTAINS VISIBILITY - customers can see the rest of the store
  • RAPID INSTALLATION - overnight if required
  • SELF SUPPORTING - freestanding - no dust from drilling into the floor
  • STABLE & SAFE - thanks to strong fabricated steel supports
  • RE-LOCATABLE - can be re-sited in the store, ideal if the refurb is in stages
  • ATTRACTIVE AND CLEAN - preserves the existing identity and appearance
  • FLEXIBLE MODULAR SYSTEM - any length, perfect corners and seals
  • ROBUST - high impact resistance, virtually indestructible, yet light to handle
  • FOOD SAFE - Wipe clean smooth surfaces help maintain hygiene standards
  • COLOUR OPTIONS - we can blend in and match corporate colours
  • BUY OR LEASE OPTION - why buy if your need is temporary?
  • SAFETY COMPLIANT - we supply full risk assessment method statements

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