Fast-fit, sustainable hoardings at market-leading prices

Kwik-Klik has pioneered today’s modular hoarding systems used to screen constructions sites and internal work areas.

Kwik-Klik’s flexible modular systems instantly create bright, clean and sturdy customer-facing surfaces which screen internal and external work areas.

All of our systems preserve a safe, clean and professional environment for the benefit of customers and the general public. They also create robust and secure work areas for contractors.

Our systems are proven for projects lasting from 6 weeks to 3 years and we always offer the very best value to our customers and contract partners.

Kwik-Klik Air-Screen Zero

  • Airport-compliant fire-rated internal hoarding system
  • 35mm panels are easy to handle and store flat
  • Creates a pristine, smooth public-facing façade
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Kwik-Klik Ultraspan

  • Unlimited spans – suitable for indoor and external projects
  • Fast-fit, re-usable, lightweight 3m and 5m panels, cut to size
  • Made from 100% recycled PVC and 100% recyclable
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Kwik-Klik Perpetua

  • 100% Reycled 2.5m PVC panels made in Britain - indoor use
  • Re-locatable, re-usable and 100% recyclable after years of use
  • Low Carbon solution - boosts your project BREEAM scores
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Kwik-Klik Complete

  • Versatile, lightweight, hygienic finish - internal/external use
  • Fast-fit, re-usable 2.4m panels, easy to cut to size
  • Made from 100% recycled PVC and is 100% recyclable.
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Kwik-Klik Compact

  • Versatile, low rise panel with hygienic finish - indoor/external
  • Fast-fit, re-usable 1.2m panels, easy to cut to size
  • Made from 100% recycled PVC and is 100% recyclable
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Kwik-Klik Duraspan

  • Durable panels with a clean hygienic finish - indoor/external
  • Fast-fit, re-usable panels, easy to cut to size
  • Made from 100% recycled PVC and is 100% recyclable
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Kwik-Klik Soundmaster

  • Heavy duty, fire-rated, PIR and Mineral Fibre (MF) panels
  • Panels up to 12m high create temporary walls and enclosures
  • Proven system for sound suppression during major works.
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Kwik-Klik Black

  • add a touch of style and sophistication
  • available in Perpetua (indoor) Ultraspan (outdoor) and Soundmaster (both)
  • an eye-catching alternative to standard white panels
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Kentledge Compound Kit

  • Sustainable, flexible and secure external compound kit
  • Modular system with panels, scaffold matrix and concrete blocks
  • Re-locatable, 100% re-usable, Zero to Landfill, easy to install
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Kwik-Klik Ribbed Panel

  • 9mm solid panel with ribbed rear face - external use
  • impact-resistant modular panel with smooth outer face
  • clean, bright, ideal for affixing vinyl graphics or site signage
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Kwik-Klik Construct-a-Box

  • Rapid build temporary chamber or welfare building
  • Uses proven fire-rated, soundproof PIR panels
  • Sturdy, soundproof, versatile temporary site accommodation
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Kwik-Klik and Hygienik Systems are trading companies within the Hygienik Holdings group. Ecogenik is the sustainability division of Kwik-Klik.

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