Kwik-Klik has installed both external and internal hoarding at major UK hospitals to enable vital construction and refurbishment work.

Both external and internal hoardings have been used to house vinyl graphics which provide wayfinding signage for patients and visitors as well as explaining the nature of the hospital improvements to the general public who are passing by.

In addition to the safety, strength and professional appearance of our hoardings, the easy clean, hygienic panels we use for internal hoardings maintains a pristine environment. No sawdust or paint fumes are generated during installation or dismantling.

Our sister company, Hygienik Systems, specialises in fitting hygienic wall linings and ceilings in hospital wards, shower and WC bathrooms and we also supply and fit Virascreen Anti Microbial panels which are suitable for all hygiene-critical areas - including operating theatres.

  • Safe, hygienic and secure
  • Clean, professional appearance
  • High security digi-lock trade entrances
  • Vehicular gates fitted as needed
  • Panels are re-usable and re-locatable
  • Pinimal carbon footprint

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