Tube Ticket Office Removal // Case Study

30 Jun 2015

Bespoke fire-rated hoardings in Tube station ticket halls

Working with London Underground Limited and a number of main contractors, Kwik-Klik is playing a key role in the removal of manned ticket offices throughout the Tube network.

Using fire-rated Soundmaster panels, which have a 1 hour fire guarantee, Kwik-Klik teams are installing bespoke hoardings around the areas where ticket offices used to be located.

On the workside of each hoarding, various works are being carried out - including back-fitting ticket machines, setting up new passenger access areas and creating retail spaces.

This is an ongoing project that began in March 2015. In the first three months we have installed temporary hoardings in LUL blue in more than a dozen stations throughout the tube network.

Kwik-Klik is FIRAS-accredited to install fire-rated hoardings in public places and further hoardings certification is issued by LUL for each zone where works are required.

For more information and additional photographs download the pdf below (coming soon).

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