St David's Centre, Cardiff // Case Study

10 Jun 2010

Extensive shopping centre hoardings with graphics

Working with Vindico Retail, Kwik-Klik has installed hoarding on a grand scale to transform the interior of the prestigious St David's Centre in central Cardiff.

Over 500 hundred Soundmaster panels were installed up to a height of 8 metres to screen the fronts of vacant units within the centre.

Stunning bespoke graphics as seen in the photographs above have been applied to add to the vibrant atmosphere within the shopping centre and they help to establish St David's unique identity.

The heavy duty soundproof panels allow the refurbishment and stocking of individual units to go ahead during the centre's opening hours without disrupting the environment. The versatile Kwik-Klik panels were used to fill all of the bespoke spaces in the shopping centre until each area was let to retailers.

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