Kings Cross, London // Case Study

21 Sep 2009

Multi-phase hoardings for a major station upgrade

Kwik-Klik has been installing hoardings throughout Kings Cross Station as part of a major 5-year station upgrade project. Our involvement began in September 2009 and the priority remains to keep the station fully operational while work takes place.

Kings Cross was the first station on which our exclusive Newtork Rail specification R-11 Ultraspan panel was installed in the distinctive blue/grey corporate colour. Since then, the panels have been used in mainline stations throughout the UK. Our Ultraspan panels are made from 100% recycled PVC and they are 100% recyclable at the end of their usable life. Some hoardings incorporate clear plastic windows/vision panels to improve light conditions and security.

Our hoarding systems were subjected to rigorous wind and impact tests before being approved by Network Rail for use on mainline platforms. We also developed a compact counterweight system to support hoardings around excavation areas for new lift shafts on the main platforms. The counterweights allow the hoarding to sit on top of the platform without disturbing the platform surface, which may have had generations of cables and pipes installed during the station's illustrious 160 year history (it was opened in 1852).

Kwik-Klik has worked alongside a number of main contractors on this project including Goldris, Vinci, Carillion and Construction Total Solutions.

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