Bluewater, Kent // Case Study

15 Jul 2009

Temporary store hoardings at Europe's largest retail destination

Kwik-Klik has created dozens of bespoke store facade hoardings around retail units that were being refurbished at Bluewater.

Each hoarding was covered with brightly coloured vinyls that were either promoting the store behind the hoarding or advertising other outlets within the complex.

Far from detracting from the shopping experience, the hoardings add to the vibrant atmosphere within the innovative retail and leisure centre which is located just off the eastern section of the London's M25 and on the South side of the River Thames.

Many of the hoardings in the photographs were installed overnight in one shift using our robust fire-rated and soundproof Soundmaster system. Photographs 6 and 7 show how a store front can be hoarded, complete with vinyls in just one night so that shoppers and other stores are undisturbed. Click on the maginifying glass icon to see the full pictures.

Our full range of lightweight systems made from 100% recycled PVC have also been used throughout the Bluewater Centre.

Download the pdf below to see the amazing graphics applied to our Ultraspan, Complete and Perpetua systems.


Please click on the files names below to download PDF documents.

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