Birmingham New Street 2 // Case Study

20 May 2013

Multi-purpose hoardings throughout the site

On 28 April 2013, Phase 1 of the £600m Birmingham New Street Station (BNS) redevelopment was completed.

From September 2009 onwards, hoarding systems designed and installed by Kwik-Klik have contributed to the safe operation of BNS and ensured passengers and rail staff have safe and uninterrupted access to the station.

Over 2000 linear metres (1.2 miles) of Kwik-Klik  hoardings have created dozens of secure work areas, walkways, screens, fire exits, temporary barriers, tunnels, entrances and gateways.

The station has remained open throughout the project. Kwik-Klik hoardings are playing a significant role in establishing safe passenger routes throughout the station. Systems used include Ultraspan R-11 (Network Rail grey and white), Soundmaster (Network Rail Grey and white), Compact and Ultraspan

The hoardings are constantly being re-located as individual work phases are completed and different trade and construction teams move into, or hand-over, new areas of the site.

Installations take place between 12 midnight and 5am and up to 22 personnel are work simultaneously on several hoardings within the vast BNS site.

Phase 2 at BNS is due for completion in 2015.


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