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Our professional service includes specifying, configuring and installing bespoke hoardings
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Kwik-Klik offers a bespoke planning service to clients and main contractors for all large-scale and multi-phase projects.

We will specify, configure and install your hoarding to meet all project safety criteria and your programme timelines. We will also tailor our service to each project’s characteristics and take account of special conditions (e.g. the need for hygiene, high security, restricted space, wind resistance, noise suppression, floor protection, channelling of power cables and pipework etc.)

We always advise on the best systems available for each environment or terrain, and produce site or floor plan diagrams which pinpoint the locations of hoardings.

The diagrams and plans we produce can be used as a reference by all on-site teams throughout the project.

Our bespoke planning service has been implemented on an impressive range of major projects at airports, supermarkets, mainline railway stations, department stores and hospitals.

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Kwik-Klik and Hygienik Systems are trading companies within the Hygienik Holdings group. Ecogenik is the sustainability division of Kwik-Klik.

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