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Why do the contractors and developers at The Shard, Kings Cross Station, Guy’s Hospital, Bluewater and the UK’s top supermarkets choose Kwik-Klik hoarding systems?

Here are the top 5 reasons...

1 We specialise

At Kwik-Klik we specialise in hoardings, so whatever you need, we have the solution. Need a bespoke ‘total system’ from our Planning & Installation team? Or need ‘materials only’ and fast from our Direct Deals division? Either way, you’ll get expert advice from our team.

2 Superior quality systems

Our systems meet the stringent quality criteria demanded by Network Rail, the UK’s leading construction companies and the ‘big four’ UK supermarkets. They maintain a professional appearance throughout each project.

3 Safety

Why risk using inferiors systems? Our hoardings will not pierce, shatter or splinter on impact. Sharp edges will not threaten the health or safety of your customers, the general public, your staff and tradesmen. They will not collapse, blow over, warp, list, bow, crack or fade.

4 Cost / Lifetime value

Our proven re-usable systems are robust, attractive and easy to install. In both medium and long term comparisons they are very cost-effective and competitively priced to deliver great value over the lifetime of each project.

5 Low carbon footprint

As project managers embrace the principles of sustainability, more and more reputable companies are turning to Kwik-Klik’s Ecogenik range of hoardings. With panels made from robust and lightweight 100% recycled plastic, our hoardings can considerably lower the carbon emissions of each project.