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Kwik-Klik is the original pioneer of high quality, innovative, sustainable hoardings for screening internal refurbishment work and securing external construction sites. Welcome to our website.

Why risk using inferiors systems? Unlike some hoardings on the market, our hoardings will not pierce, shatter or splinter on impact. Sharp edges will not threaten the health or safety of your customers, the general public, your staff and tradesmen.

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Our proven systems are robust, attractive, easy to install, re-locatable and very cost-effective. They are vastly superior to flimsy plastic and traditional plywood hoardings and are very competitively priced to deliver great value over the lifetime of each project.

The Benefits

For details of our systems and their extensive benefits, click on Our Systems and for details of our latest projects click on News. Then get in touch for professional advice on your next project.

Want 'supply only' to fit yourself? For an UNBEATABLE DEAL on any hoardings - buy or rent - click on Direct Deals today and call us for Guaranteed Lowest Prices.

Kwik-Klik and Hygienik Systems are trading companies within the Hygienik Holdings group. Ecogenik is the sustainability division of Kwik-Klik.

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